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This is my very private personal blog and it remains infinitely more popular than my official author blog where I try to come off as a real live professional person/ author.

I'm Mik. I have a love affair with Impalas. I am afraid of spiders and alcoholics. I am a yogurt connoisseur. Future meta-magician. Former logic clinician. Former model. Former bookstore owner. Some other stuff. Currently mother, author, freelance editor and editor for Kleft Jaw Press.

Testimonial from a former roommate:
"Living with you was like living with a quiet little opinionated deer person who floated around like a ghost and said smart/nutso things and ate seaweed. "

I divide my time between Boulder, Colorado and Wichita, Kansas. I love mountains. I love hiking. I read and write. I raise my daughter to the best of my ability. I have lupus and have defeated early-stage cancer twice, so I pretty much fully support the use of medical marijuana.


So, this woman just walked into our shop with petition and a call-to-action for a community meeting. She owns a restaurant about a block south of us, and according to her, The Well, a local service center for the homeless and the working poor, is building an office next door to her restaurant. She said that even though it is ‘supposed’ to be just offices, it will surely bring more homeless people to Main street, which would be ‘devastating to all of us.’

I stared her down, waiting for her to say something truly derogatory about homeless people, waiting for the moment to to tell her that my family is homeless.

"I’ve invested seven thousand dollars in my business. I can’t afford for homeless people to ruin it," she said. This would be a great time to tell her how much money we invested in our business, how much of our lives we put into it, how services like The Well are the only thing keeping us from starvation. 

John jumped in and saved me. “Can I get some information about the community meeting?” he said.

She gave us the date and time. “It will be a chance for everyone to make their voices heard about this issue,” she said. “Will you sign the petition?”

John took the flyer about the community meeting. “I’m not interested in signing your petition,” he said.