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This is my very private personal blog and it remains infinitely more popular than my official author blog where I try to come off as a real live professional person/ author.

I'm Mik. I have a love affair with Impalas. I am afraid of spiders and alcoholics. I am a yogurt connoisseur. Future meta-magician. Former logic clinician. Former model. Former bookstore owner. Some other stuff. Currently mother, author, freelance editor and editor for Kleft Jaw Press.

Testimonial from a former roommate:
"Living with you was like living with a quiet little opinionated deer person who floated around like a ghost and said smart/nutso things and ate seaweed. "

I divide my time between Boulder, Colorado and Wichita, Kansas. I love mountains. I love hiking. I read and write. I raise my daughter to the best of my ability. I have lupus and have defeated early-stage cancer twice, so I pretty much fully support the use of medical marijuana.


So, remember last week when a woman walked into our shop and asked us to sign a petition basically banning homeless outreach from downtown Longmont? The City Planning Commission Meeting that she told us about was last night. John went to go voice his opinion during the meeting. He was granted time to speak and he was really nervous and didn’t have time to say everything he wanted to (basically, that when we isolate the homeless, we discourage them from reintegrating, and reintegrating benefits everyone, even the businesses who view these homeless people as vermin).

He voiced his opinion as a business owner who stands to benefit from homeless outreach, not as a homeless person who stands to benefit from homeless outreach, and I am really proud of him for doing that. He closed his speech by pointing to the city slogan, You Belong in Longmont, and pointing out that it refers to everyone, all the citizens of Longmont, whether they have a home or not. Everyone belongs in Longmont. 

Well, the zoning for the homeless outreach center lost on a 7 to 1 vote, but still I am really proud of John for going and standing up in front of the city (it was even on live TV!) and expressing his disagreement with those who find homeless outreach ‘distasteful.’  

If you want to watch the city meeting, you can here. It is the meeting dated March 27th. You can skip to Part 7, the discussion of the outreach center, and he’s the dude in black with the ponytail I’m really proud of him for actually caring enough about what he believes in to go speak at the meeting. =]

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