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This is my very private personal blog and it remains infinitely more popular than my official author blog where I try to come off as a real live professional person/ author.

I'm Mik. I have a love affair with Impalas. I am afraid of spiders and alcoholics. I am a yogurt connoisseur. Future meta-magician. Former logic clinician. Former model. Former bookstore owner. Some other stuff. Currently mother, author, freelance editor and editor for Kleft Jaw Press.

Testimonial from a former roommate:
"Living with you was like living with a quiet little opinionated deer person who floated around like a ghost and said smart/nutso things and ate seaweed. "

I divide my time between Boulder, Colorado and Wichita, Kansas. I love mountains. I love hiking. I read and write. I raise my daughter to the best of my ability. I have lupus and have defeated early-stage cancer twice, so I pretty much fully support the use of medical marijuana.


Please help me boycott Days Inn.

I could really use some help— reblogs, reddit votes, etc, to help me get Days Inn’s attention. I have spoken to customer service no fewer than 5 times, have not been offered a refund, and have been essentially blown off with a “We are working with the hotel in making sure no other family has this experience." Which, you will see, is obviously a lie. Days Inn Customer Care was aware of the situation before my family ever checked into the hotel, and did nothing to correct it. 

March 22, John and I and our two kids (3 and 4 years old) checked into Days Inn in Longmont, Colorado, for one week. Because we were staying for a whole week, we only paid $48 a night (regularly about $55 a night). Our fifth night there, a friend, her boyfriend, and her 2-year-old son came to swim with us. The franchise owner, Rajab, came into the pool area, screaming and cussing at us to get out of the pool. I’m not kidding, he was screaming words no child should ever hear, calling us names, etc. We were shocked. John attempted to offer to pay for an extra room to eradicate the situation, but Rajab continued to shout over him, kicking over a towel rack and Caution sign. He yanked towels away from John and I (I was wearing only a bakini), and all three children were terrified and bawling. He essentially behaved like a very violent child; it was completely unexpected and terrifying. John took the kids upstairs, away from the franchise owner’s abuse, and I asked at the front desk about a number for his superior or customer care. No one would tell me anything. So I went back upstairs to our room, where we looked Customer Care up online and gave them a call. We filed a complaint and were told we’d hear back by April 1st. 

Then, the police showed up. I’m not kidding. He called the police to remove us. They were very kind to us and explained they thought it was within our best interest if we left, since he had displayed such violence towards us with our children present, but my children were nonetheless terrified to have policemen show up at our door after their previous ordeal!

I took the children outside to wait, and John collected our refund… of only $37 per night, when we paid $48 per night. On his way out, Rajab told John, “You don’t deserve to have a wife and kids.” We had no choice then but to walk up the highway to next hotel, where we had to pay their price of $65 for the night. This was, as you can imagine, no sleight inconvenience to us. 

The next day, I went to submit a review of that Days Inn location, because I felt other customers ought to be warned. Well, lo and behold…


Rajab had done this before. The woman had obviously complained, Days Inn staff were aware of the situation, and yet Rajab continued to be allowed to operate this facility and abuse customers. 

"But wait," you say, "she complains about a man named Abdul, not Rajab!" Check out the replies to the customer complaints. 



So, yeah. He doesn’t give out his real name or Days Inn Customer Care’s number, but I’m pretttty sure this was all stuff from Rajab. And Customer Care knew about it. And they had done nothing. So, after seeing those reviews, I fired off another complaint (this time via their website), asking for my refund and for something to be done about this Rajab dude. And I waited. Nothing. April 1st came and went, so I fired off another email complaint. This time, I did get a response. 


Well, that’s nice, I replied. But I want to know that steps are being taken to make sure that this man doesn’t do to another family what he did to mine, and that I get reparations and, at the very least, a refund. 


Yeah, okay. I’m sure you are, considering you did nothing when one woman before me was unfairly verbally abused and kicked out for no freakin’ reason. And, of course, no mention of a refund. No mention of the fact that my young children are now terrified, almost every where we go, that someone will yell and scream at them. Awesome. 

So, I’ve contacted Customer Care five times now and have gotten nothing. So yeah, I’m ready to paste their bad name all over the internet. I would really appreciate some help. 

Oh, and if you want to read about the various other abuses that customers have suffered at this location under the management of Rajab, from sexual harassment to phone scams to his racist and sexist comments towards his staff, be my guest. No pun intended. 

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    Days Inn has been the culprit of many different horrific complaints- one in particular, making a vet with no legs crawl...
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  7. justrunningonplants said: I just had an experience with Days Inn where basically they charged me for 2 hotel rooms on the same night. It was a simple miscommunication, but they said they couldn’t give me a refund. My dad called them and got my money back…2 months later.
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    I also had an unfortunate Days Inn experience recently. It was definitely not as bad as this, but I don’t plan on going...
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